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Couture Tip Method Training (Salon Couture)


More Than Just A Training

Couture Weft Training

Our Couture Weft Method Training is $600 and includes a kit with all of the tools needed to complete install & move ups. 

You'll Learn

Move Up Method Couture Micro Wefts.
Move up method 
Full Install of Couture Micro Wefts
Full Install
Volume Placement Couture Micro Wefts
Volume placement 
Frontal placement 

Our method was created by stylists, with the clients hair in mind! We wanted something more comfortable for the client to wear, invisible, and healthy for the natural hair! Our method is designed for our micro wefts and you’ll learn the difference between them and hand tied/machine wefts. Our method can be used with any type of weft extension. 

You’ll learn how to pick the right weft colors to match your clients hair and how to determine the thickness of hair needed for a seamless blend. 

The training is done on a live model and last approximately 3 hours. 

Trainings are one on one or in a small group and are scheduled around your availability.

Couture K Tip Method Training

The Couture Tip Method Training is $600 and includes a full tool kit needed to install and remove the extensions. 

You'll Learn

K-Tip Extension Application from Start to Finish
K Tip Extensions Application Start to finish
Color Match Couture Tip Trainning
Color Matching
Salon Couture Shadow Program
How to cut and blend the extensions to the natural hair
K-Tip Extension Removal
Extension removal
Hybrid Placement (Micro Weft & K-Tip)
Hybrid placement (weft + K-Tip)
Proper Care & Maintenance of K-Tip Extensions
Proper care & maintenance
Building your business and how to retain customer
Building your extension business and how to retain clients