Chocolate #4 Micro Weft

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Chocolate #4 20"

Couture Micro Wefts™ breaks traditional norms when it comes to weft extensions. They seamlessly merge the coverage of machine tied wefts with the feather-light feel of hand tied wefts, for a sleek, lightweight, luxurious extension. Cut anywhere along the weft without any unraveling or shedding, allowing effortless customization. Stack up to 5 wefts per row for amplified volume and length. The Couture Mirco Wefts™ are ideal for all hair types. Designed for longevity, these wefts, with proper care, will last 6-12 months.

Embrace the trendsetting Couture Micro Wefts™ an embodiment of customization, comfort, and chic sophistication. 

Crafted with the highest-quality Remy Human Hair, 100% cuticle-intact.

Length & Weight:

  • 20” Length
  • 22” Length
  • Each weft is 14” wide. This is 4” more than most companies offer.
  • Each pack comes with 2 wefts totaling 50 grams. This is 15 grams more than most companies offer. 

Micro Weft Ordering Guide

  • 3-4 packs are recommended for a full set, depending on the natural hair and desired end goals
  • Full set = 150-200 grams is recommended

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